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With the development of communication technology, 4G and 5G communication equipment have been widely used, 6G communication equipment has been gradually developed and formed. Due to the different conversion efficiency of communication devices, a considerable amount of energy is converted into heat. If the energy is not released in time, the temperature will rise, which will lead to the deterioration of device performance, device life, and material aging failure modes. Natural thermal dissipation, fan type thermal dissipation, thermal exchanger type dissipation and thermo electric refrigeration (TEC air conditioning) are common at present. The communication equipment customers are concerned about how to select a thermal dissipation solution to minimize the impact of high and low temperature environments on devices.
DeepCool increases R&D investment according to customers' different equipment cooling requirements. Through simulation, testing and analysis of different cooling methods, DeepCool provides customers with the best cooling solutions from air cooling to liquid cooling.

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