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Industry-Power Electronics
DeepCool has many years of experience in customizing cooling solutions in the power electronics industry, and is widely used in converters, transformers, photovoltaic inverters, power supply equipment, etc. The heating power devices of power electronic equipment are sensitive to temperature, and the change of temperature directly affects the performance and life of the equipment, so the performance and consistency of thermal solution are very important.
In the choice of thermal solution, air cooling solution is commonly used for low and medium voltage power equipment which has the advantages of simpler structure, more feasibility and higher reliability. In the system-level thermal solution, R&D engineers will consider to optimize the thickness, height and number of the fins of the heatsink and heatpipe array through thermal simulation, combined with the properties of flow filed of entire system, thus to guarantee the reasonable adaptation of heatsink and fan, ultimately improve the heat transfer efficiency. In the heatpipe thermal solution, by our advantages of heatpipe in-house design and automated production, we provide the heatpipe module with high reliability and high performance to ensure customer's demand on equipments' long term life time.

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