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DeepCool R & D team has accumulated rich experience in thermal design of air-cooling and liquid-cooling in the process of providing cooling solution for various industries, so we could provide more efficient accurate cooling solutions for customers.
System-level thermal simulation:
With thermal simulation, we could evaluate the design of the openings in the system inlet and outlet, the layout of the heating devices in the system and the effective distribution of the flow field in the system to improve the heat transfer efficiency for the customers. And we could make a reasonable selection of the system fan to meet the needs of cooling and noise.
Part-level thermal simulation:
With thermal simulation, we could optimize the performance of the cooling unit based on the boundary condition of the heatsink used in the system, such as optimizing the structure, reducing the air resistance, lifting the operating point of the fan, optimizing the layout of the heat pipe to improve the temperature distribution of the product. Based on the advantages of self-developed and manufactured heat pipes, the working condition of heat pipes is precisely defined by thermal simulation analysis,and the parameters and process of heat pipe are optimized to improve the product thermal performance.

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