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Introduction to the working principle of heat pipe:
The heat pipe uses the phase change of the working fluid under low pressure to conduct heat. It has the reputation of thermal superconductor because it can have amazing heat transfer when operated at a small temperature drop.The figure shows the working principle of the thin heat pipe.The pressure difference generated at the evaporating end of the working vapor moves to the condensing end, then condensed to liquid and the capillary (Copper mesh_fiber,copper, sintered powder) force returns to the evaporating end for circulation.
DeepCool heat pipe advantages:
1.Independent research and development: combined with the application conditions of heat pipes in a targeted manner to support higher Qmax. to fit the demand.
2.Full range of heat pipe specification:from thin heat pipes to conventional thickness heat pipes,commonly used heat pipes have a max diameter of 12 mm and a max length of 450mm.
3.Automation: The company's heat pipe manufacturing has a highly automated operation, which avoids the instability of manual operation, ensures the stability of heat pipe performance and quality, and has a competitive advantage of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, and is at the leading level in the same industry.

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