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Server as an important infrastructure for enterprise applications, cloud computing, data management, and AI applications, caused the thermal solution demand is increasing year by year. In order to actively reduce carbon and environmental protection, the thermal solution of high-performance servers has entered the era of liquid cooling solution, and the middle and low-end products are still dominated by air cooling solution.
For the thermal dissipation of medium and low-end servers, we use heat pipe module with fan solution to optimize the product structure by making full use of the system space, combining with the extreme performance optimization of the heat pipe developed by our company, and continue to optimize the performance and efficiency of the server fan, constantly challenging the air cooling limit. The thermal solution covers general servers such as 1U and 2U servers with features and functions. For high-performance servers, we use liquid cooling solution. Through in-depth research and development of internal structure and material characteristics, we provide high performance and high reliability liquid cooling solutions, making contribution to energy saving and emission reduction of products.

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