DEEPCOOL warranty service policy

Consumers are protected by the laws and regulations on consumer rights protection in the country where the product is purchased. The rights granted by DEEPCOOL Limited Warranty Service are in addition to the rights and remedies specified by such consumer protection laws and regulations, including but not limited to legal rights.

For DEEPCOOL products purchased from authorized DEEPCOOL dealers, DEEPCOOL only provides non-transferable limited warranty for the original purchaser.

The original purchaser must submit proof of purchase and provide product serial number information to obtain warranty service. Depending on the product and warranty service requirements, consumers may be required to provide more relevant information.

Except for the warranty obligations set forth in this WARRANTY, DEEPCOOL expressly disclaims any other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or product quality for a particular purpose.
In some areas, the law does not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, or limitations on the duration of implied warranties, or limitations of the disclaimer of incidental or consequential damages, so you may not apply to the above limitations and disclaimers.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, DEEPCOOL's cumulative liability for all liabilities, obligations or claims arising out of or relating to the products of the underlying warranty policy (such as more than two claims or damage claims will not extend this limitation of liability), no more than the amount paid by the original purchaser for the purchase of the product.

Under any circumstance, either based on contractual or civil code breaches (including but not limited to misconduct or other legal reasons), DEEPCOOL is not liable for any indirect, additional, special, punitive, or derivative losses incurred when using this product or warranty policy, including but not limited to profit loss, data loss, income loss, manufacturing damages or costs due to use of damaged or replacement parts or services.

No DEEPCOOL dealer is authorized to make any modification, extension or addition to this policy.


DEEPCOOL does not guarantee that the product meets your requirements and you are responsible for determining whether this product is suitable for your application.
DEEPCOOL guarantees that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period of time from the date of purchase.
The products you purchase will be used normally in the expected working environment during the warranty period according to the technical parameters specified in the data sheet.
For any product that does not comply with the published specifications, the identification and remedial measures of liability can only be made based on the judgment of DEEPCOOL; the repair or replacement cost of the product is borne by DEEPCOOL. A prerequisite for this warranty is that the product must be returned to the original place of purchase or to another location designated by DEEPCOOL with the original proof of purchase. You may be required to pay shipping and handling charges, as well as any applicable duties, taxes or other charges. DEEPCOOL will determine whether to repair the product or provide a new product based on relevant technical standards.

The warranty period of each product is different. For details, please refer to DEEPCOOL official website, user manual, product packaging or consult the dealer. In case of inconsistent warranty periods, the longer warranty period shall prevail.

Samples, prizes, or gifts provided by DEEPCOOL are not transferable to second-hand buyers, and the warranty period is 1 year.

Claims of missing or broken parts beyond 2-weeks after the Invoice date will not be taken as manufacturing negligence or defect.

Repaired or replaced products will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or thirty (30) days warranty, whichever is longer, or by the local legal warranty.

In the event of obsolescence or discontinued products, DEEPCOOL will, at its sole discretion, replace your outdated or discontinued products with products of similar functionality.


The warranty service does not cover problems or damage caused by the following reasons, including but not limited to:
- Wear caused by normal use
- Any modification, abuse, accident, disassembly, improper use
- Unauthorized repair
- Unauthorized product
- Modification serial number information is vague or incomplete
- Indicator label is torn
- Any improper operation, including any use not in accordance with the supplied product instructions
- Connect to any improper supply voltage
- Transport or shipping damage
- Any other reason not related to product material or process defects

The warranty policy does not apply to non-DEEPCOOL branded products, even if they are packaged or sold with DEEPCOOL products.

【How to apply for warranty service】

- Contact us:
Please apply for a valid warranty at your point of purchase within a specified time after purchase. This time may vary depending on the sales platform and the products you purchase. Please confirm the after-sales policy with the retailer whom you purchased the product from.
For any application for warranty service that cannot be submitted through the original purchase point, please submit directly to DEEPCOOL Support (Ticket: Create a ticket ).
To apply for warranty service through DEEPCOOL Support, you will need to submit a valid proof of purchase (receipt, or invoice), product image, product serial number image, and a detailed description of the problem.
DEEPCOOL does not provide end users with any form of refund. Products returned through authorized dealers must comply with the respective return and refund policies of the authorized dealer.

- Returning your product
If you need to return the product for replacement or repair, be sure to obtain a written confirmation of the DEEPCOOL Support email. If the product is returned without confirmation, DEEPCOOL will reject the product and return it to the sender. The shipping cost is borne by the sender.

We have multiple RMA (return merchandise authorization) receiving locations around the world. Your RMA confirmation will specify the specific return address you must use when sending the RMA package. This will be your standard return location and the change of the return location is subject to prior approval from DEEPCOOL. Packages received at unauthorized locations will be rejected and returned to the sender, and the shipping costs will be borne by the sender.

You should use the material that provides adequate safety protection for the product, and all packages that are damaged externally will be rejected and returned to the sender. The shipping cost will be borne by the sender.
DEEPCOOL will perform a visual inspection prior to the receipt of the parcel to ensure that there is no visible damage during transit that may affect the return of the returned product and that DEEPCOOL is not liable for damage caused on the way to the RMA receiving location.

You should choose a return shipping method that provides tracking information, and DEEPCOOL is not responsible for lost or misdirected packages. In order to avoid problems when receiving the goods, please be sure to inform your after-sales service operator package tracking information in advance, and attach a copy of your RMA confirmation email to the package. Packages that do not notify the tracking information in advance will be rejected and returned if they are deemed to have not been confirmed.

After inspection, the receipt of the product will be confirmed and its processing will start. The specific processing time will vary according to the product and the service you are applying for. The corresponding operator will update the information to you after receiving the package.

In order to provide better service, we will continue to update this warranty service policy without notice.