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Aluminum Panel

Black Pure aluminum panel can provide cooling sensation while using. 

Vertical Airflow

Dual 140mm fans provide big airflow. Vertical airflow design also offers optimal airflow to cool your laptop. 

Adjustable Fan Speed

The dual fans with speed adjustable offer quiet and efficient airflow. You can depend on your requirement to adjust the airflow.

USB Extension

N8 Ultra Black is built with four USB ports. You can use one USB port to power up your cooler and the others for extensional usage. 

Pure aluminum panel and dual 140mm fans provide excellent cooling performance.
Vertical Airflow Design offers optimal airflow to cool your notebook.
4 USB ports for additional USB devices.
Fan speed adjustable for the balance between performance and silence.
Application For
Compatible with 17" notebooks and below.
Technical Spec
Overall Dimension   Fan Dimension   Net Weight   Bearing Type
410X275X64mm   140X140X15mm   1360g   Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage   Operating Voltage   Started Voltage   Rated Current
5VDC   4.5~5VDC   4VDC   0.19±10%~0.32±10%A
Power Input   Fan Speed   Max. Air Flow   Noise
0.95~1.6W   700±150~1200±10%RPM   115CFM   21.5~26.5dB(A)

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