Be Blue, Be Cool
Honeycomb Metal Mesh
N6000 uses a high-quality metal mesh front panel furnished with hexagonal air passage apertures, thereby maximizing cooling airflow through the panel and achieving superb cooling performance. Built-in 20 cm fan delivers massive cooling airflow to every corner under the notebook.
Blue LED Fan
N6000 is cool not only because of the big fan but also its blue LED lights. The blue LED provides an even cooler, eye-catching aesthetics.
Superb Cooling Performance
N6000 is designed with superb cooling performance in mind. When compared with other coolers, the front panel of N6000 is provided with larger hexagonal honeycomb apertures to deliver high volume cooling airflows to the notebook. N6000 is compatible with 17-inch or smaller notebooks.
USB Extension
N6000 offers 2 USB ports. A user can connect the USB cable to the USB IN port to power the cooler while obtaining data from the notebook. The USB OUT port can be used by another USB device.
Storage Locker
Stash away USB cables, pens, flash drives, and other small gadgets in this well-designed storage locker. The locker can be opened without removing the notebook.
Hexagon Honeycomb Apertures
The front panel is furnished with large hexagonal honeycomb apertures designed to maximize structural integrity and deliver a higher airflow volume compared to other coolers.
Sand Blasted Coating
The metal mesh is provided with a sand blasted surface finishing to provide a clean and pristine front panel.
LED Control
An independent switch is provided with blue LED lights. The switch can be used to turn the LED lights on / off as required.
Brushed Metallic Effect
Brushed Metallic texture provides improved anti-slipping functions while preventing fingerprint stains on the base.
Easy-open Locker
The storage locker cover can be easily opened by applying force at an edge of the locker. A user can open the locker without moving the notebook.
Honeycomb metal mesh increases cooling airflow through the panel to the notebook.
20 cm blue LED fan delivers high volume airflow at low noise levels.
Adjustable fan speed with independent LED light switch.
Convenient storage locker for storing little gadgets and enhance workspace organization.
2 USB ports to connect to additional USB devices.

Application For

Compatible with 17" notebooks and below.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension 383X295X52mm
Fan Dimension 200X20mm
Net Weight 1074g
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Rated Voltage 5VDC
Operating Voltage 4.5~5VDC
Started Voltage 4VDC
Rated Current 0.15±10%~0.22±10%A
Power Input 0.75~1.1W
Fan Speed 400±100~700±10%RPM
Max. Air Flow 73.42CFM
Noise 23dB(A)
EAN 6933412775294
P/N DP-N120L-N6000

Product Dimension