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Excellent Thermal Conductivity
Z3 thermal gel consists of high thermal conductivity to allow high performance heat dissipation.
High Compatibility for Most CPU Cooler
Density of Z3 is compatible with most polished CPU cooler for maximum heat dissipation.
Pure Electrical Insulation
Z3 is designed to prevent electrical damage caused by the thermal paste.
Excellent thermal conductivity.
Electrically non-conductive.
Wide range of application temperature.

Application For

High quality thermal paste to provide excellent heat transfer from CPU/GPU to cooler.

Technical Spec

Gross Weight 6.5g
Color Silver gray
Operating Temperature -50°C--220°C
Thermal Conductivity >1.134 W/m-K
Thermal Impedance <0.201℃-in2/W
Dielectric Constant A >5.1
Viscosity 73cps
Net Weight 1.5g
EAN 6933412700036/6933412704034