Dedicated CPU Fan Connector for Reliable Operation
Specific CPU fan controller designed to provide more power to the CPU fan or enhance cooling performance.
Aesthetic Blue LED
Blue LED is designed to be mounted to a computer case side window for awesome visuals.
Sound-operating Control for LED Lighting Sensitivity
ROCKMAN LED light intensity changes with the ambient sound. Simply adjust the light controller to meet your lighting needs.
Perfect for 3.5-inch Drive Bay
ROCKMAN is designed to fit in a 3.5-inch drive bay of a computer.
Screws and Cables for Installation
All the tools required for installing ROCKMAN are included with the purchased product.
Controls CPU and case fan speeds to achieve the best cooling performance at low noise levels.
Independent control of 3 fans at the same time.
Use an ON/OFF switch or sound-activation to control a built-in blue LED lighting effect
CPU fan must be controlled by the FAN1 channel to avoid problems caused by low fan speeds.
Fits in the 3.5-inch bay for easy installation.

Application For

Aim to adjust CPU fan and case fan speed for best cooling performance while keeping quiet operation.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension 102X110X25.5mm
Net Weight 201g
Rated Voltage 12V and 5V
Operating Voltage 11~13V and 4~6V
Color Blue
Weight 201g
Operating Voltage 11~13V and 4~6V
quantity of regulated output 3
regulated max Power output <30W
Vol of FAN1 7~12V