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    • 11/29/2012 5:05:44 PM
    • DEEPCOOL M3 Notebookkühler im Test
    • DEEPCOOL hat mit dem M3 einen sehr gut verarbeiteten Notebookkühler auf den Markt gebracht, welcher durch die integrierten Lautsprecher gerade für Nutzer interessant ist, die nicht immer mit Kopfhörern vor dem Notebook sitzen wollen, nur um etwas besseren Sound zu haben. Leider wird bei den weiteren Anschlüssen wie z.B. USB-Hub etwas gegeizt. Die Kühlleistung ist auf einem hohen Level und dies bei einem angenehmen Geräuschpegel. Wir würden uns eine wünschen, wenn DEEPCOOL schnell eine größere Variante für Gaming-Notebooks im 17" oder gar 19"-Format herausbringen würde.
    • 11/29/2012 5:07:46 PM
    • Test: Deep Cool M3 Laptop cooler!
    • Alt i alt er jeg veldig godt fornøyd med Deep Cool M3 og som ikke bare kjøler ned laptopen min, men jeg kan også høre på musikk og får rimelig god lyd i spillene mine. Dette gjør at jeg selvsagt kan anbefale deg produktet og som for meg har ført til at jeg og PC-en min har det bedre enn noen gang tidligere. Savner kun litt mer behaglig design for å ha på lårene samt en volumknapp. Foruten dette er produktet bra.
    • 11/29/2012 5:09:34 PM
    • Deepcool M3 – Test
    • This is really a very useful accessory to the extent that it avoids the inconvenience to the heating of the room, and especially the damage that may be caused to the processor and all components in a heated too high. Not to mention the hard reset full game that are really, really heavy.
    • 5/14/2013 4:49:11 PM
    • Deepcool M3 Notebook Cooling Pad
    • The DeepCool M3 Cooling Pad is minimalistic and uncluttered and it is available in five colors. Plug it into your laptop, MP3 or IPOD and music is broadcast at a comfortable level. The shape of the cooling pad provides a comfortable angle for typing on a surface like a counter or a table and it is large enough to fit on your lap comfortably. The fan is very quiet, and has a variable speed wheel on the side of the cooling pad. I also like that it is very light, but sturdy enough that I would toss it in my luggage for a trip.

High Cooling Performance & Super Sound

Music - Trio

The name “M3” was inspired by “trio”, a classical music form, which is widely known for the form of "piano trio" — piano, violin and cello — and the "string trio" — violin, viola and cello. With built-in speakers inside, M3 tries to provide you more pleasant experience when you enjoy your music.

Sleek Appearance Design

The cooling base is made of high quality HIPS material in a simplex design; but the V shaped speaker cavity area can easily catch your eyes easily because of the colored metal mesh.


Through different color matches, the innovative audio notebook cooler M3 is trying to show you the color of music: Black hard rock, Blue symphony, Orange country music, Green glee, Purple tranquillo music. Life is brilliant and music has colors!


Super Sound

M3 is the first notebook cooler with built-in 2.1 speaker system in the industry, featuring two tweeters on the side and one woofer in the middle, which forms 3D surround sound effect. With a standard 3.5” audio jack connector, you can easily listen to music from your laptop, iPod, iPhone, and any other music player.

Ergonomic Design for Health

To provide the most comfort in use, M3 has an ergonomic viewing angle at 8°, which can ease the spiral strain and protect you from being tired in a short time.

High Cooling Performance

With a big 14cm fan running at 600 to 1100rpm, M3 provides with excellent cooling performance for your notebook. And the fan speed can be adjusted by the knob on the side of the cooler for a balance between performance and noise.

2.1-channel speakers & 2.1 multimedia audio systems with excellent sound;
Build-in magnetic loudspeaker with two damping chamber in the main body to protect your notebook safety;
The standard USB port and USB-powered for the most comfort in use;
Integration of speaker and cooling design;
Standard 3.5MM audio port, Plug and Play without drive makes more convenient;
Fan speed is in the control of you which meet the multiple balance of quiet and air volume;
M3 with fashion appearance offering five choices of M3 black classic, M3 blue smooth sound, M3 orange storm, M3 green prairie, M3 purple dream. 


V.A.D. Vertical Airflow Design

The innovative Vertical Airflow Design allows more airflow through the cooling grooves, hence improves the cooling performance a lot.

Fan Speed Adjustable

For a perfect balance between cooling performance and silence in use, M3 has a control knob to adjust the fan speed as you wish.

Safe Use with Anti-slip Rubber

High quality anti-slip rubber feet are installed on the back of M3 to provide a steady cooler stand for your notebook. And it is highly recommended to put your notebook in the correct position as illustrated, not only for notebook safety but also for optimal music experience.

All for Health


We love the nature. Eco low carbon is the idea to save the energy and save the earth. Every piece of M3 is RoHS certified and recyclable. Moreover, the inner-magnetic speakers and damping chamber all care for users’ health.

Application For
Compatible with 15.6" notebooks and below.
Technical Spec
Overall Dimension   Fan Dimension   Net Weight   Bearing Type
360X327X54mm   140X15mm   1100g   Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage   Operating Voltage   Started Voltage   Rated Current
5VDC   4.5-5.5VDC   2.8VDC   0.5~1.0A
Power Input   Fan Speed   Max. Air Flow   Noise
2.5~5W   700±150-1100±10%RPM   47.35CFM   21dB(A)
Frequency Response   Tweeter   Woofer   Sensitivity
180Hz~15KHz   2inches(52mm)+2inches(52mm)   2.25inches(57mm)   450±50mV
Audio Adapter   Antimagnetic Function  
3.5mm   Available  

Product Dimension
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