Marvelous Audio Performance
2.1 Speaker System
M6 excels in delivering the ultimate audio experience. The built-in 2.1 speaker system provides 2 tweeters on both sides and 1 woofer in the center. The length of the speaker enclosure within M6 is maximized to provide the best audio sensations during gaming. Easily switch between 2.1 speaker system and your gaming headset with the 3.5 mm stereo line-in jack.
Ultimate Gamer Vibe
This notebook cooler is inspired by the Need for SpeedTM and combines the features of a luxurious sports car and the reverberating rumble of its powerful engines. M6 is the definitive gaming cooler. The front end is provided with a lean, triangular shape for maximizing the streamlined aerodynamic form of the cooler. The sleek design features further include a silver-red side window and an integrated black metallic top mesh.
Keeping the Cool during Gaming
Gaming laptops are notorious heat generating monsters and need a matching cooler to maintain optimal performance. The built-in 14 cm fan of M6 delivers definitive cooling, allowing gamers to maximize laptop performance for a more indulging gaming experience. You can also rest the fans after the gaming session by lowering the fan speed with the control knob.
External Power Supply (Optional)
M6 comes with an additional Micro USB input port to power energy-intensive USB devices and to enhance the audio quality of the built-in 2.1 speaker system. When using such USB devices and for a better audio experience, we recommend using an external power supply unit (standard 5V AC/DC adapter and Micro USB power cable can be easily acquired from mainstream smart phone products).
Superb Cooling Performance
Gaming needs to be Cool! M6 has a massive 14 cm fan running at 700-1,100 RPM, delivering excellent notebook cooling performance. Fan speed can be adjusted using a knob provided on the side of the cooler to achieve balance between cooling performance and noise.
Inner Magnetic Speakers
Inner-magnetic speakers ensure audio stability, and avoid any interference with notebook components.
Speaker Damping Enclosure
M6 is furnished with spacious damping enclosures to accommodate high pitch sounds played by the tweeters. These enclosures ensure superb music playing effects and completely eliminates resonance.
Ergonomic Viewing Angle
M6 provides an ergonomic viewing angle of 10° that is designed specifically to ease spinal strain during extended periods of intensive gaming.
USB HUB for Additional USB Devices
M6 is equipped with 1 USB input port and 4 output ports for additional USB devices (mouse, HDD, and so on).
2.1 speaker system with excellent stereo effects (2 tweeters & 1 woofer).
Plug-and-play with standard 3.5 mm line in jack, allowing easy access to any audio source.
14cm fan delivering an optimal airflow for gaming notebook cooling.
Adjustable fan speed to achieve a perfect balance between cooling performance and quiet operations.
USB HUB function with 4 USB output port for additional USB devices.

Application For

Compatible with 17" notebooks and below.

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension 456X358X75mm
Fan Dimension 140X15mm
Net Weight 1500g
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage 5VDC
Operating Voltage 4.5~5VDC
Started Voltage 2.8VDC
Rated Current 0.5~1.0A
Power Input 2.5~5W
Fan Speed 700±150-1100±10%RPM
Max. Air Flow 47.35CFM
Noise 21dB(A)
Frequency Response 180Hz~15KHz
Tweeter 2inches(52mm)+2inches(52mm)
Woofer 2.25inches(57mm)
Sensitivity 450±50mV
Audio Adapter 3.5mm
Antimagnetic Function Available
EAN 6933412775195

Product Dimension

  • M6 video