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What do you get when you give a truly unique PC case to one of the most distinguished modders? TRISTELLAR S - Deepcool & Bill Owen Mod case, original design is based on ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Spaceship’, is the first of the cases to take conventional chassis design and throw it out of the window, into the stratosphere, and on to the next galaxy. In fact, the only aspect of the TRISTELLAR S that might rival its stunning aesthetics is the sheer amount of hardware it can hold. From front to back, there are accommodations for a raft of enthusiast-caliber components.

Limited Edition Signed By Bill Owen

Unveiled in June at Computex, Deepcool& Bill Owen’s Tristellar Mod case is undeniably unique, which has a breathtaking appearance, striking paint job, custom air ducts, and the special side windows provide a better show of the GPU and SSDs.

Individual Air Duct System

Tristellar S disrupts the traditional concept of a PC case, splits components into three cabins. Thanks to the individual design, the Tristellar S is able to isolate the hottest components into separate compartments and provide a better cooling performance for the build.

Surprisingly Aesthetic Functionality

The ultramodern appearance of Tristellar S is based on ‘Star Wars’& ‘Spaceship’, which must permanently etch itself into your memory. Moreover, it also can support the latest gaming configuration, the full-length (up to 320mm) graphic cards, and ultra wide (3 PCI Slots) VGA card

Nothing But The Best

Every ‘mod job ‘or ‘build ‘is rare and costly, we’ve practically had this belief hard-coded into our DNA. But today the Tristellar S of Deepcool comes along and defies this notion. Globally limited 50 pcs will bring more opportunity and heartbeat.

Aluminum shell and striking paint provide a better cooling performance & visual experience, and which greatly reduce the weight of the case.

Thanks to the Tristellar S’ steel construction, the whole case becomes remarkably sturdy and which is connected by the PCI-E in the central of ‘’V’’ shape frames.

Motherboard cabin supports Mini-ITX motherboard with either Intel or AMD base, low profile (up to 85mm) CPU air cooler or 120mm radiator.

PSU cabin is capable to accommodate 160mm length PSU, it includes two 3.5" HDD bays with hot plugging (SATA) ports, and supports one 5.25" slot-load optical drive installation.

Three independent cabins for Motherboard, VGA Card and PSU/HDD separately, offering the most efficient cooling solution for your PC
Support one ultra-long (max 320mm) and ultra wide (3 PCI Slots) VGA Card vertical installation
Aluminum shell and striking paint provide a better cooling performance &visual experience, and which greatly reduce the weight of the case.
Total 5pcs hot plugging (SATA) port ( 2*3.5''HDD/3*2.5'' SSD)
2 *USB 3.0
Support tray-load Optical Disk Driver installation
Pre-installed one 90mm black fan in the VGA cabin
Support water cooling system installation (120mm radiator)
Support standard ATX PSU with 150*160*86mm Max
Fully black interior
Equipped with dust filter for PSU.
Support cable management
Technical Spec
Materials SPCC  (Panel thickness: 0.6mm; Cabin Cover thickness: 2mm)
Product Dimension
Package Dimension
Weight Net.: 9.46KG  Gross: 12.44KG
5.25" Drive Bays tray-load Optical Disk Driver
3.5" Drive Bays 2  (all tool-free installation with hot plugging port)
2.5" Drive Bays 3  (all tool-free installation with hot plugging port)
I/O Panel 2×USB3.0/Audio×1/Mic×1
Expansion Slots 3 Slots (1 way)
Cooling Fans Included: 1×90mm Black fan in the VGA cabin
Optional:1×120mm fan in the mainboard cabin if liquid radiator not installed. (this fan should blow outward to ensure a good cooling effect)
Power Supply Type ATX PS2
CPU Cooler Compatibility 85mm height
VGA Compatibility 320mm
Motherboards MINI-ITX

  • Raumschiff-Gehäuse mit drei Frachträumen
    Das Deepcool Tristellar ist ein einzigartiges Gehäuse. Das Design ist mutig, aber auf ganzer Linie überzeugend umgesetzt worden. Design und Funktion gehen hier Hand in Hand. Auch die Verarbeitungsqualität überzeugt bis in den letzten Winkel. Wer am Konzept Gefallen findet und das nötige Kleingeld mit sich bringt, der wird aber mit einem Gehäuse fern ab vom Alltagsdesign mit vielen tollen Extras belohnt.
  • Я приобрел очень крутое железо
    А еще решетки, через которые может выходить горячий воздух, есть на двух нижних лепестках. Плюс не забываем про площадь корпуса: она значительно больше, чем в обычных Tower-решениях, а пола или поверхности стола касаются только две резиновые ножки, а не вся нижняя грань. И помним про то, что все компоненты, которые выделяют больше всего тепла, разнесены по отдельным модулям. Воодушевляет, короче, хочется уже поскорее отвертку в руки взять.
    Правда вот занимает Tristellar SW на столе куда больше места, чем традиционный системник, и это стоит учитывать. Ну и весит корпус откровенно дофига – не помню уже сколько именно (точно было не меньше 15 кг вместе с коробкой, и не больше 20-ти), но он один у меня в качестве багажа и летел. Только стекла я предварительно на всякий случай перепрятал в рюкзак.
    Напоследок маленький десерт. Tristellar SW также выпускается в специальной, даже эксклюзивной, версии, которая выглядит вот так:
  • Test • DeepCool Gamer Storm Tristellar SW
    Deepcool mise tout sur l'originalité de son boitier. Le look est tranché, le design travaillé et les matériaux sélectionnés avec soin. Trônant sur votre bureau (du moment que celui-ci supporte son poids), le TriStellar ne laissera pas de marbre tous ceux qui poseront les yeux sur lui. Telle la méduse, il figera leur expression... de stupéfaction ou d'effroi. Oui c'est à peu près ce que ce boitier provoque chez les usagers. Voilà son atout. Les performances offertes tant sur le plan du refroidissement que des nuisances sonores dépendront de ce que vous aurez pu lui faire avaler, car l'engin ne permet pas toutes les folies.
  • Deepcool Gamerstorm Tristellar Chassis Review
    That’s fair enough, to a certain extent but you need to be absolutely amazed by the appearance of the Tristellar to ignore the large footprint of the case and the sky high price. It is impressive to note that the Mini-ITX Tristellar can accommodate proper gaming hardware, or you can take the easier route and employ lower powered silicon.With this chassis you have a decent amount of choice about the specification of your new PC.
  • Deepcool GamerStorm Tristellar
    Deepcools GamerStorm Tristellar schafft es, sich zur unangefochtenen Schönheitskönigin unter den ITX-Gehäusen aufzuschwingen und bietet trotz der Betonung des Design-Faktors erstaunlich viel Flexibilität und viele gut durchdachte Detaillösungen. Ihre Majestät ist sicherlich alles andere als günstig, bringt aber dafür eine wichtige Eigenschaft mit, die gerade im Gehäusebereich alles andere als selbstverständlich ist: Einzigartigkeit und Charakter.
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  • Deepcool Tristellar
    The Deepcool Tristellar is obviously all about its looks, but also manages to be surprisingly easy to assemble, while offering a good set of features for a chassis of this shape. You may install up to five hard drives or even seven - if you use the additional cage. On top of that the use of a long GPU and ability to hold a 120 mm liquid cooling system do make the Deepcool Tristellar a good candidate for a potent gaming system. The only real downsides seem to stem from the optical drive bay, which lacks the same type of PCB as the rest of the storage units within the chassis as well as a slot loading cover for those who want to make the Tristellar look even cooler.


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