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Bionic LED breathing light lightening up while operating

The unique pump with closed impeller to offer a bigger power, de-vibration & Lower noise

Long lifetime zirconia ceramic bearing to make 120,000 hours running safely

0.2mm high-density water micro channel & copper block to offer a highly efficient thermal conduct

240mm radiator luxurious Aluminum fins to support max.transfer efficiency for overclock, also the standard mounting holes built-in easy to change new 120mm fan

Both 120mm rubber fan with PWM function, FDB bearing built up longer lifetime&lower noise

Patented detachable fan impeller easy to clear dust& lubricating oil recruited, DIY top-priority mounting

Fan Hub

Control up to 4 PWM fan speed support cable management easy to install

universal solution, easy to install


The unique pump with closed impeller to offer a bigger power, de-vibration & lower noise
Long lifetime zirconia ceramic bearing to make 120,000 hours running safely
0.2mm high-density water micro channel & copper block to offer a highly efficient thermal conduct
240mm radiator luxurious Aluminum fins to support max. transfer efficiency for overclock, also the standard mounting holes built-in easy to change new 120mm fan
Both 120mm rubber fan with PWM function, FDB bearing built up longer lifetime & lower noise
Patented detachable fan impeller easy to clear dust& lubricating oil recruited, DIY top -priority mounting
Fan Hub,control up to 4 PWM fan speed, support cable management, easy to install
Universal solution, easy to install
Bionic LED breathing light lightening up while operating
Application For
Intel Socket 150W


High End Desktop i7
Core i7 Extreme/i7/i5/i3
Pentium G
Celeron G
AMD Socket 220W


APU A10/A8/A6/A4
FX 8/6/4-Core 
Phenom II X6/X4/X3/X2
Phenom X4/X3/X2
Athlon II X4/X3/X2
Athlon X4/X2
Business Class

Technical Spec
Fan Dimensions
Net Weight
Fan Speed
Fan Air Flow
182.24CFM (MAX)
Fan Air Pressure
Fan Life Expectancy
100000 hours
Fan Noise Level
Fan Bearing Type
FDB(Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
Fan Connector
Fan Rated Voltage
Fan Rated Current
Fan Power Consumption
Main system Dimensions
Radiator Dimensions
Radiator Material
Pump Life Expectancy
120000 hours
Pump Connector
Pump Operating Voltage
Pump Rated Voltage
Pump Speed
Pump Current
Pump Power Consumption

Product Dimension
  • Deepcool MaelStrom 240 Sıvı Soğutma İncelemesi
    Eğer sizde uygun fiyatlı ve performanslı bir sıvı soğutma arıyorsanız DeepCool MaelStrom 240 kesinlikle düşünmeniz gereken bir ürün. Ufak tefek eksileri dışında barşarılı bulduğumuz ürüne "Fiyat/Performans" ödülünü layık görüyoruz.
  • Deepcool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 
    Maelstrom 240 is the top of the line. It’s a sleek red-and-black affair with ribbed tubing, sleeved cables, and a slowly pulsing logo on the top of the pump. They’ve clearly put some work into visual appeal. But since the CLC market has gotten pretty crowded in the last couple of years, we’ll need to see performance to match.
  • Обзор и тестирование серийной процессорной СЖО DeepCool Maelstrom 240
    Вот и завершилось наше знакомство с СЖО DeepCool Maelstrom 240. Среди ее достоинств – хорошее качество материалов, ровное основание, расширенный комплект поставки, подсветка и неплохая производительность системы охлаждения в целом. На первый взгляд, все хорошо, но
  • DeepCool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240
    The Maelstrom DeepCool 240 is about 80 € a very competitive price compared to other All in One top of the range and is certainly appropriate for the accuracy packaging, completeness in the equipment and for the excellent performance record made, and from the point of view of materials as still widely seen in the descriptive part, there is definitely better. As said we would like to give the DeepCool Maelstrom 240 the gold award for the results obtained and also that for the best buy.
  • Deelcool Maelstrom AIO Liquid Cooling, Gamer Storm Maelstrom 120 and 240 (Review) 
    We are having fun playing with the cooler. The fan is silent during idle operation. The overall shape and design of the cooler is nice with red and black theme. As one of the budget AIO Liquid Cooler on the market, we notice their waterblock is the most attractive among others. The logo in the Bionic shape of the Gamer Storm with a breathing of white led during operating really attract our attention. Deepcool is using kink resistance for their tubing to reduce the chance of kinking during the installation process. The fan can be detachable which is really helpful for user to maintenance and easy cleaning the unit.
  • DeepCool Maelstrom 240 CPU Cooler Review
    The Maelstrom 240 offers something similar, yet something different at the same time. The cooler ships with one of the best looking fans I have seen. Plus, they don’t just look great, they also perform great. The load temps during my testing were very impressive. The easy to use mount made life a lot easier as well. With all the features and the simplicity of the Maelstrom 240, I have no problem giving it The ModZoo seal of approval.
  • Deepcool Maelstrom 240 Review
    To enter a market full of proposals often very similar, Deepcool chose first to stand for style, offering an AIO that stands out at first glance to aggressive colors. The color combination of red and black as the two fans included with the Maelstrom 240, is in fact anything but neutral, but corresponds to the currently most popular among gamers and enthusiasts. But these are not only aesthetic evaluations to make two GF120 added values of the kit, but also the constructive aspects, the services offered and the features implemented, among them being the precious and rare opportunity to extract the blades for maintenance of the engine FDB. The ability to adjust the turns in a wide range, allowing you to balance performance and noise produced with good balance, making the Maelstrom 240 a suitable cooler so overclockers as to those consumers interested in building a system from the very low noise.
  • Deepcool MaelStrom 240
    Deepcool Maelstrom 240 offers great performance, great price, ease of use, excellent fans, also with good Build Quality, design (Black & Red Color Combination), very Good Cooling Performance, quiet Fans (For An 240mm AIO Model), bundled Fan Hub, Price (For Some). Solid performance, Fairly quiet under typical loads, Easy to install, Good build quality, Wellpackaged, Fluid dynamic bearing fans, Fan blades removable for easy cleaning, Red and black theme well executed, Price compared to other AIO kits.
  • Maelstrom 240 par Deepcool
    La réponse est non. Cet AIO de la marque Deepcool ou Gamer Storm nous a laissé une très bonne impression. Malgré un aspect qui peut rebuter, nous parlons bien sur de l’aspect bon marché, ce Maelstrom 240 en a sous le pied. Tout d’abord, la qualité du produit est bien présente. Les ventilateurs GF120 sont de très bonne qualité. En caoutchouc, donc qui ne transmettent pas les vibrations des ailettes sur le châssis, le corps de ces ventilateurs sont réellement bien pensés. De plus, la couleur donne ici une finition très agréable. N’oublions pas aussi les câbles finement gainés, ainsi qu’un logo Gamer Storm illuminé, et le tour est joué.
  • Deepcool Maelstrom 240 All-In-One Liquid Cooler Review
    Taking into consideration of performance and aesthetics and value I think the Deepcool Maelstrom 240 is very good value and is highly recommended. At just 139$ at Lazada or PC Themes (Sim Lim Square) it is definitely a good performer for how much it cost. Remember it’s a better performer than the Nepton 140XL and is quieter plus it fits in most cases!
  • Deepcool Maelstrom 240 Review
    Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 Video Review.
  • Overview of the water cooling DeepCool MaelStorm 240
    Complete the fans are great, the noise is heard only at maximum speed, which are even redundant, since airflow does not have time to remove the entire volume of the heat from the radiator. In general, the cooling system is definitely a success, especially considering the price of the products of competitors, and it differs in the smaller side at higher rates, although significantly higher cooling systems with heat pipes.
  • Deepcool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240
    Maelstrom 240 is one of the most robust all-in-one liquid coolers i've seen,and it's clearly a step-up from the largely-plastic alternatives.Overall i am impressed with what the Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 Liquid CPU Cooler has to offer.The Maelstrom 240 from Deepcool manages to put up a good showing in the increasingly crowded AIO liquid-cooling market. The Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 by Deepcool ultimately proves to be a great performer with unique looks.It even packs some nifty features to stand out from the crowd.With an MSRP of 105 US dollars,the Deepcool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 is priced fairly competitively.Deepcool's latest should certainly be on your radar.
  • DeepCool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240
    With the Maelstrom 240, DeepCool enters strongly in the great kit all-in-one, creating something excellent from every point of view. From the tests it is possible to observe how the DeepCool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 is a great product that can handle even overclock without problems. The presence of two 120mm fans and a comprehensive bundle and nice make it a definitely to be recommended to those who want to improve the performance of the original cooler supplied with the processors. With the addition of two more optional fans, you can create a configuration push-pull power by dependable, able to hold off any CPU on the market. We believe this figure is particularly attractive considering the good quality and the services offered. Overall DeepCool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240there appeared a great cooler, handsome and functional in every respect.
  • DeepCool Maelstrom 240 review
    We can easily recommend the DeepCool Maelstrom, as for an AIO kit it definitely is one of the better performing ones out there. Combined with an easy to install design, good looks and really nice performance you purchase a product that is spot on money wise. The kit is not the most silent one, it certainly isn't noisy either. You'll have plenty of extra capacity to overclock as well. If you are wondering about the temperatures you have seen at 1.3 Volts, well... this is the nature of the Haswell processor tested. You will likely not need 1.3V for 4400~4600 MHz. Overall the DeepCool Maelstrom 240 manages really well with the tested Core i7 4790K processor we fired off at it, if you need 1.30 Volts even then it will offer enough cooling performance, and that remains a tough task for any cooler.
  • Deepcool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 Review: Cool Factor!
    Both the white pulsing logo and the boldly colored fans would most certainly be nice touches in a lot of builds. Speaking of the fans, the included GF120 might not be the absolute performance/db champions but they still are a more than a decent couple of fans that moves a lot of air in a quiet manner and have a lot more to give for those who would like to crank them up. The included fan hub makes their management even easier too. The block/pump is as small and elegant as it gets, so there won't be any clearance issues even in the tiniest systems and back to the performance, we might not have seen the absolute best temperatures since day one of our reviewing history, but frankly speaking: How many gamers are there with such a borderline stable overclock that those last 2 or 3 Celsius would make a real difference? At a suggested retail price of $ 105.99 the Maelstrom 240 can be an option, well within the competition and distinctive look.
  • Deep Cool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler Review
    For Deep Cool’s entry into the AIO Liquid CPU Cooling, I would say that the Maelstrom is a good start. Had I taken the pump apart, I could have possibly witnessed the Maelstrom happening inside. I believe that the popularity of AIO water cooling solutions has given users the ability to choose different solutions to fit their needs. If you are looking to get your feet wet, and have the space inside your case to fit a 240MM radiator, check out the HiTech Legion Silver Award winning Deep Cool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240MM AIO Liquid Cooling solution.
  • Deepcool Maelstrom 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review
    Maelstrom 240 is an excellent cooler than excels at whisking away heat from your CPU and lets you push your rig to its limits and game all day. It is easy to install aside from some sticky screws and the components included are great. Best yet you get all of this at a rumored price of $105.99 USD. Overall would like to award the DeepCool Maelstrom 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler an 8 out of 10 score!
  • Review: Maelstrom GamerStorm 240
    Liquid cooling GamerStorm Maelstrom 240 offers very good performance for users who want to overclock or keep temperatures at bay in a high TDP processors. With easy installation and no maintenance , is presented as a serious alternative to custom cooling systems while offering higher performance, also carry numerous complications.
  • Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 Review
    I've been really impressed with the Maelstrom 240. I have to say that initially it did not jump out at me (aside from the red fans) By that I mean, I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary given the array of AIO liquid coolers on the market today. It is easy to be just another face in the crowd. Well, I was wrong. It all comes down to performance, and the Maelstrom 240 delivers. Not everyone overclocks, or stresses their system, but if you do, the Maelstrom can keep the temps down. And really, considering that this is DEEPCOOL's first entry into liquid cooling, the company have definitely scored a knockout.
    Of course, being an AIO cooler, RAM space is not an issue, and this is certainly a plus if you are a fan of RAM with the stylish, high profile heat spreaders. The white "breathing" LED GAMER STORM logo on the face of the pump is also a nice touch. I like the red fans and the remote fan header. So as I go over the Maelstrom 240, I found a lot to like, and really nothing to dislike.
  • Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 video inceleme
    Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 Video review
  • DeepCool MAELSTROM 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler Review
    The introduction of a close loop AIO line of liquid CPU coolers by DeepCool didn't come as a surprise to us since judging by their very good CPU air cooler line we knew that it would eventually happen. That being said performance was very good and the two 120mm fans were quieter than the competition so we are awarding the Maelstrom 240 liquid CPU cooler by DeepCool with our Golden Award.
  • Deepcool MaelStrom 240 Review
    The Deepcool MaelStrom 240 is a solid product with a good looking color scheme, which is perfectly suitable for ASUS ROG as well as all other black and black&red motherboards. It offers a really good cooling performance with two 120mm PWM fans. The installation is also simple a pretty straightforward. The cooler is small with a tiny pump/base, so it will fit even in small cases or SFF systems.
  • GamerStorm Maelstrom 240 Review
    GamerStorm Maelstrom 240 Video Review
  • GamerStorm Maelstrom 240 Review
    The Maelstrom 240 is DeepCool’s first all-in-one liquid cooler and we must admit that we are impressed by their first try at what seems to be the future of PCs cooling. The Maelstrom 240 quality and performances are outstanding. A very good cooling solution if you want to start over clocking and need something a little beyond the current air cooler you may have now. The mounting design is well thought out and easy to install so no need to be an expert on the matter. We see no reason why we would not suggest the Maelstrom 240 for your small form factor system. That said, the Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 scores a well-deserved gold award.
  • Deepcool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 folyadékhűtés tesztje
    The Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 belongs to the first liquid-Deep Cool series. This is a very good result for liquid cooling with such a 240mm radiator, because when you look at the fact that the high-profile memories lined up how nicely next to the pump. A much better size 240mm radiator for compatibility than 280 mm and others, it is much more appropriate to use. Install the cooling maybe even the generally lighter than normal as well.
  • Deepcool Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240
    The Gamer Storm Maelstrom 240 is a great first effort from Deepcool when it comes to AIO liquid CPU coolers. The product name might be a mouthful, but compared to other AIO kits, this cooler's performance is solid for the price; that is, if its retail price stays close to its MSRP. Users will find the Maelstrom 240 to be relatively quiet under typical loads, registering 40-45 dBA most of the time. Installation of this AIO, like other similar liquid coolers, was a snap and should prove trouble free.
    As the images on the box and contents page show, solid packaging is a benefit to consumers. To put it nicely, my test sample looks to have been dropped a few times, but ultimately arrived unharmed because of good packaging. Deepcool also did well with the included fans. Their performance to noise ratio is attractive and they feature FDB bearings. Add in their rubber coating and you end up with some high quality fans. Even better, the red and black color theme looks fantastic in my opinion. It will easily go well with any of ASUS's ROG motherboards, or MSI's and Gigabyte's gaming series of boards.
  • Deepcool Maelstrom 240 review
    Video Review
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