GF 140’s plastic frame is wrapped by a TPE layer, which can absorb de-vibration to a great extent
GF 140 includes a brass bearing stand to hole everything firmly in position, which ensures an excellent dynamic balance of the
Especially design blades adopt the AACC(Airflow Auto-Control Channel) technology so as to push the air out without any vortex
GF140 has a 4-pin PWM connector, which allows the fan speed lower down when the system is getting idle
Four rubber buckles are used for the installation, which not only makes the installation quite easy but also absorbs vibration to the maximum so as to avoid the noise made by normal metal screws
The fan cable is made of PTFE(Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), which withstands high temperature and heavy duty usage to ensure a long lifespan
Two pieces of rubber cable ties are attached to route the fan cable to make everything in place.

Application For

Computer case cooling
Power supply cooling

Technical Spec

Overall Dimension Net Weight Bearing Type Rated Voltage
Φ140X26mm 179g Hydro Bearing 12VDC
Operating Voltage Started Voltage Rated Current Power Input
10.8~13.2VDC 7VDC 0.1±10%A(MAX) 1.2W
Fan Speed Max. Air Flow Noise  
700±200~1200±10%RPM 71.8CFM 17.6~26.7dB(A)