- 제품정보 - 케이스 - MATREXX 70
A new-concept chassis specially designed for the enjoyment of DIY. By adopting numerous novel tructural designs, its architecture yields convenience and flexibility in PC building. As a mid-tower case, it’s also endowed with abundant space that supports up to E-ATX motherboard.
  • One-touch-release Front Panel
    With the bottom hooked to case structure, and the top locked by a spring buckle, the front panel of MATREXX 70 can be released to “dismounting ready”state with just one touch.
    Once the “OPEN” button is pressed, the front panel will be released and held at a 5°angel, and is ready to be pulled out.
  • Easy-to-install Side Panel
    The side panel is fixed with 1 groove + 2 screws design, which makes installation much easier.
    Plus, this unique fixation method will grant the glass panel even stress distribution, hence reduces the risk of cracking.
Removable Radiator Holder
The radiator holder simplifies the installation of liquid coolers and replacement of the radiators. It’s especially effort-saving when you need to install radiators or fans on different sides of the holder.
The holder supports up to 360mm radiator or 3*140mm fans.
Removable tinted tempered Glass PSU Shroud
In MATREXX 70, DEEPCOOL creatively used tinted tempered glass as the top cover of PSU shroud, which is pioneering in the industry.
Lighting Effects of LED Strip on the Power Shield (LED Strips are not included in the case)
Flexible Ventilation Solutions with Excellent Performance
With air intake options at front and bottom, exhaust options at the top and rear, MATREXX 70 provides highly flexible ventilation solutions. Meanwhile the 15mm-wide front intake hole guarantees sufficient air supply, together with the low friction material applied on all meshes, the cooling efficiency is maximized.
Radiator Support
  • Motherboard support
    E-ATX( Up to 330mm )
  • All-round Dust Proof
    Dust filters are installed at the front, top and bottom of the case.The all-round and fine coverage offers remarkable dust-proof capabilities. Meanwhile the top filter is magnetic whereas the front/bottom filters are inserted, which makes them very easy to clean.
  • Abundant Storage Support
    A total of 6* 2.5’’ drives or 4*2.5’’ + 2* 3.5’’ drives can be mounted in MATREXX 70. 2 SSD bays are fixed at the back of motherboard tray for quick installation. 2* 3.5/2.5’’ hard drive bays are mounted at the bottom of the case which are relocatable and removable.After removal, 2*120mm fans can be installed at the location.
  • Simple & Sleek Design
    The front and side panels are made of full-sized, tinted tempered glass. They display your gears with a classy filter while keeping the overall look clean .
  • Spacious Interior
    The case’s dimensions are 484×233×492mm, offering gigantic room to manage cables (170mm motherboard tray-to-glass clearance, 30mm motherboard tray-to-back plate clearance).
Graphic cards support up to 380mm
Equipped with large spacing - 170mm( Tower Room ) and 30mm ( cable sorting at the rear )
Four 2.5inch independent hard disk lots and two 3.5/2.5inch hard disk spaces.
As the dust screens are installed at the top, bottom and front, it provides remarkable anti-dust capabilities while being easy to clean.
Large mid tower case supporting up to E-ATX(330mm) motherboard.
228mm wide tower compartment with 30mm clearance for cable management.
Easy-to-install front and side panels.
Quick-mounting radiator/fan holders pre-installed at the front.
Supports installation of 120/140/240/280/360mm radiator liquid cooling system at front,
120/140/240/280/360mm radiator liquid cooling system at top, 120mm radiator liquid cooling system at rear.
Removable tempered glass PSU-HDD top cover, offering top-notch lighting ambient.
Magnetic dust filters at the top, insert-in dust filters at bottom and front.


메인보드 E-ATX/ATX/Micro ATX/Mini-ITX
Case 종류 Middle Tower
ABS+SPCC (Steel panel thickness: 0.6mm) Tempered Glass side panel, front panel (thickness: 3mm)
제품크기s (L×W×H) 475×228×492mm
무게 8.89 kg 
Gross 중량 10.31 kg
5.25" 인치드라이브베이 0
3.5" 인치드라이브베이 2
2.5" 인치드라이브베이 4
I/O 포트 2×USB3.0/1×USB2.0/1xAudio(HD)/1xMic
확장슬롯 7 +2
냉각팬 Support
Pre-installed: Rear: 1×120mm. Optional: Front: 3×120/140mm; Top: 3×120/140mm
케이블 관리 30mm Clearance
수냉 쿨러 지원 Front: 120/140/240/280/360mm radiator; Top: 120/140/240/280/360mm radiator; Rear: 120mm radiator
전력공급사양 ATX PS2 (Length less than 200mm)
CPU 쿨러 높이 제한 170mm
그래픽카드 길이 제한 380mm (horizontal)/360mm (vertical)
Carton 규격 (LxWxH) 537×285×539mm
EAN 6933412713753

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