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M-DESK F2 is an easy-to-use monitor stand for both desktop monitors and laptops. This exquisite and fashionable device offers a spacious storage area underneath for your keyboard or paperwork, which brings great convenience and comfort to the clean users.

Universal Stand For Both Desktops And Laptops

M-DESK F2 is designed for both desktop and laptop users to provide a better viewing angle for the most comfortable usage.

MDF Panel & Aluminum Alloy Legs

Top portion from MDF and aluminum alloy legs provide enough force to hold the monitor, laptop, all-in-one computer, printer, and other devices with even weight distribution up to 33lbs

Maximize Work Space

Raise a computer monitor or laptop to improve ventilation and create additional workspace to organize a tablet, laptop, charging station, smart phone, office supplies, keyboard, USB hub, computer mouse, and more.

High quality MDF panel with black surface keep a decent appearance Anodized black aluminum alloy supporting feet provide enough force to hold the monitor Features EVA foam feet to protect your surfaces Can also be used as a shelf divider or maximizing vertical space on your desk Light assembly required
Specifiche Tecniche
Dimensionii complessive 550X260X87mm
Peso netto *1570g
EAN 6933412775713

*Il peso di ciascun prodotto varia leggermente a causa delle proprietà del MDF, come l'evaporazione dell'acqua, ecc. Questi dati sono solo di riferimento.
Dimensioni del prodotto
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