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Installazione facile e customizzabile

Installazione tool-free

Pannello superiore e anteriore  facilmente removibili per un’ installazione facile ed ordinata.

Gabbia HDD removibile per l’ installazione delle schede grafiche più lunghe.

Design per un installazione tool- free per ODD/HDD.

3 preinstallati ventola da 120mm, Ventole Opzionali: parte superiore 2x 120mm; in basso: 1x120mm.Lato:1×80/90/120mm

Massime prestazioni in termini di ventilazione

Design a flusso d’ aria ottimizzato

Prese d’aria sul pannello frontale interamente rivestite in mesh metallica. 

Due fori per l’installazione di sistemi di raffreddamento a liquido posizionati posteriormente. 

Alimentatore posizionato in basso per un raffreddamento più efficace ed una migliore gestione degli spazi interni.

Eccellente cable management e compatibilità 

Ampio spazio posteriore per il cable management. 

L’ampio spazio deputato al passaggio dei cavi, assicura un look ordinato al vostro sistema. 

Compatibilità estensiva

Supporto per le schede ATX/MINI, ATX/MICRO, ATX MINI-ITX.

Ampia asola ricavata sul tray della motherboard per un agevole montaggio dei dissipatori dotati di backplate 

Ampio spazio per VGA fino a 310mm/ 400mm ( rimuovendo il cage per gli hdd ).

Due porte USB 3.0+ 2 USB 2.0.

Dotato di Sistema di ammortizzazione in gomma e filtro antipolvere per l’alimentatore.
Due strisce di LED colorati a controllo remote incluse
2 USB 3.0 + 2 USB 2.0
Design dei pannelli superiore e frontale a rimozione facilitata per una facile pulizia e installazione
Interno totalmente verniciato in nero
Rivestimento in gomma
Design interamente in mesh metallica per il miglior raffreddamento
Alloggiamenti per Hard Disk per permettere l’installazione di VGA più lunghe
Installazione dei dischi facilitate con Sistema a Slitta
Installazione tool-free per ODD e HDD
Una Ventola da 3x120mm preinstallata
Due fori per l’installazione di sistemi di raffreddamento a liquido professionali nella paratia posteriore.
Ampia asola nel tray della CPU per una facile installazione del dissipatore.
Alimentatore posizionato in basso per un raffreddamento più efficace e per un maggior spoazio nella parte alta.
Ampio supporto per il cable management. 
Specifiche Tecniche
Materiali SGCC+PLASTIC+RUBBER COATING (Panel thickness: 0.8mm)
Dimensionii (LxWxH) 498*205*477mm
Peso Netto 7.5kg
5.25" Drive Bay 2  (all tool-free installation)
3.5" Drive Bay 6  (all tool-free  installation)
2.5" Drive Bay 6  (Switchable  from 3.5")
Pannello I/O 2×USB3.0/2×USB2.0/Audio×1/Mic×1
Slot di Espansione 7
Included: Rear: 1×120mm fan;  Front: 2×120mm fan ;
Optional: Top: 2×120mm; Bottom: 1×120mm,
Tipologia di Alimentatore ATX PS2
Compatibilità con dissipatori per CPU 165mm
Compatibilità con VGA 310mm/400mm(with top HDD rack removed)

Dimensioni del prodotto
  • DeepCool Pangu SW-RD
    The Pangu DeepCool SW-RD is a box of the most attractive on many issues, but above all for having a quite striking exterior design , one tinted side window and a system of RGB LED lighting for interior which make it the most exclusive. If all this we add that features quality materials and finishes, very good internal capacity and perhaps its only drawback is that it only includes a rear 120mm fan, this is one of the most interesting chassis market.
    Today we shall begin with the positives, I can’t deny the red and black combo just looks ridiculous good and do hope more colour options come to market soon. On one hand DEEPCOOL may have cut some corners and left in unresolved problems in the PANGU SW-RD but this simple change to a decent product has paid off. In the video I made comparison to the overall shape being similar to products from other brands, while this is very obvious DEEPCOOL have produced a visually impressive case. The PANGU SW-RD has all the things the consumer wants in modern case. Watercooling support, 240mm in the top, 240mm in the front ( after the cages are removed) and 120mm in the rear. The Storage system is a breeze to work with being able to remove these completely is a huge bonus. Finally the cooling options on the product are superb, the two 120mm fans in the front will make a significant difference thanks to the large and unobstructed meshed front. The roof likewise will perform well for the same reason and opens up options for water coolers too.
    At the end of the day I feel the DEEPCOOL PANGU SW-RD has a lot of potential. Better water cooling support would be a start, especially in the top of the case and please for all of our sake get rid of the vented area in the window of the side panel. The extra vents and place for a fan used to be a nice touch to help with cooling but since all the advances in CPU cooling, especially from AIO coolers I feel these are no longer needed and ruin what could be a very aesthetically pleasing design. I would like to thank DEEPCOOL for sending the PANGU SW-RD in for review and look forward to seeing what they come out with next.
  • DeepCool Pangu SW-RD
    It is clear that DeepCool is determined to enter at the forefront of the PC case market,expanding their range even further to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts.The design of the Pangu SW-RD is very eye catching and i imagine that most enthusiasts will share my opinion that it is very good looking indeed.DeepCool has included almost every option an enthusiast would want on the Pangu SW-RD. In my thermal and acoustic tests,the DeepCool Pangu SW-RD performed well.I imagine that most enthusiasts will place more fans inside the case.The multi-colour LED lighting is simple to install, and adds a splash of color to nearly any area inside the case.The Controller allows you to create stunning light effects that are limited only by your imagination!
  • DeepCool Pangu SW-RD
    Итак, резюмируя все вышесказанное, можно констатировать, что DeepCool PANGU SW-RD позволяет собрать на своей базе добротную конфигурацию, как с компактным, так и с довольно массивным железом. Корпус так же готов принять на свой борт систему водяного охлаждения и в целом организовать неплохой обдув компонентов, при условии установки дополнительных вентиляторов.
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